Violet root rot
Carrot Violet Root Rot Helicobasidium brebissonii
Carrots showing violet root rot
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Urediniomycetes
Subclass: Incertae sedis
Order: Helicobasidiales
Family: Helicobasidiaceae
Genus: Helicobasidium
Species: Helicobasidium brebissonii
Corticium sanguineum var. lilacinum

Helicobasidium purpureum
Hypochnus purpureus
Protonema brebissonii
Rhizoctonia asparagi
Rhizoctonia crocorum
Rhizoctonia medicaginis
Rhizoctonia rubiae
Rhizoctonia violacea
Rhizoctonia violacea f. dauci
Sclerotium crocorum
Thanatophytum crocorum

Tuber parasiticum

Violet root rot (Helicobasidium brebissonii) is a plant pathogen found mainly in carrots.


Characteristic root symptoms are soil clinging to partially rotten, leathery textured roots. The leathery root surface will be a purplish or violet colour.


Avoid infected areas, rotate grain crops, ensure good drainage and nutrition and, most importantly, reduce the spread of infected soil on tools.[1]


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