Sugar pie
Sugar Pie Squash
Two sugar pie squashes growing on straw
Scientific Classification
Species: Cucurbita pepo
Open pol

Sugar pie is a variety of pumpkin. Grown as an edible variety and perfect in pies. The pumpkin's flesh is thick, sweet, dry and very orange. One plant will produce 6-8lb pumpkins 6 x 7in. Rind is slightly ribbed, orange, hard and smooth.[1]


Sow 6 sugar pie pumpkin seeds in hills flat and 2cm (¾in) deep. Keep hills 6-8ft apart from each other. Germination takes 10 days. Thin to 3-4 plants per hill when seedlings are 5cm (2in) tall. You will be picking pumpkins in 100 days.[1]


  1. a b (2010). Sugar Pie Pumpkin Seed. Millington Seed Co. Retrieved: 2010-07-25
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