Squash Harlequin
Harlequin squash
Scientific Classification
Species: Cucurbita maxima
Plant Data
Min germination temp: 21°C (70°F)
Max germination temp: 35°C (95°F)
Germination time: 10 days
Time to transplanting: +38days
Time to harvesting: +80 days
Mature height: 50cm (20in)
Mature spread: 100cm (40in)
Ideal pH range: 6.1 - 7.5
Growing plant spacing: 70cm (27in)
References: [1]

Harlequin is a variety of squash, which looks like a green and cream striped pumpkin with a sunken top. Smooth medium-starchy green-yellow flesh with a sweet, slightly potato-ish taste. Excellent pureed or oven-roasted, moistened with vegetable stock and blended for a velvety soup.[2]


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